The Tomatis Method® presents learning opportunities which are a valuable contribution to my work with the Feldenkrais Method®. As you know, the Feldenkrais Method® teaches us about how to become more efficient when we move about in the world. The Tomatis Method® teaches us how to listen more efficiently, how to distinguish and interpret sounds more accurately, and how to orient ourselves in space more effectively. The two Methods complement each other beautifully.

The Tomatis Method® will improve your neurological ability to process the information it receives through the vestibular system (involving hearing, balance, orientation). It teaches your brain how to look for new ways to process the information it takes in. The Feldenkrais Method® varies the use of the muscles which control your movement, teaching your brain how to look for new and more efficient ways to move. In the same way, the Tomatis® listening lessons vary the use of the numerous tiny muscles which control your perception of sound, your sense of orientation in space, and your ability to feel secure while maintaining your orientation. In this way, the Tomatis® listening lessons teach your neurological system how to process more fully and to integrate more holistically and efficiently as much of the auditory information it receives as possible.

Combining the Feldenkrais Method® and the Tomatis Method® addresses the fundamental relationship between our ability to hear and our ability to move about in the world. The muscles which adjust our capacity to decipher, prioritize, and respond efficiently to what we hear and to what we sense spatially are just as important to our lives as the muscles which adjust the capacity of our arms and legs to move us about in the world efficiently. More than that, the two functions are inextricably linked within our neurological systems. By combining the Feldenkrais Method® with the Tomatis Method®, your whole neurological system has the opportunity to discover new options for living.

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“6 minutes to discover the Tomatis Method on video”

Also on the Home page, below the section about ForBrain, look for a button which lets you hear a short sample recording of a listening program:
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