During the break between Tomatis listening segments it is important to spend 10 minutes every day listening to your own voice in different contexts. This helps your brain to learn to differentiate between its responses to external sounds, the voices of others, and your own voice.

Active Listening includes, for a full 10 minutes every day:

• Reading a book, poem, or any form of the written word out loud
• Singing out loud
• Having an equally balanced 2-way conversation (for a full 10 minutes!)
• Reading a script or dialogue with one other person
• Do these or any activity that fits your lifestyle
o While walking in place
o While doing light exercise (take breaks every minute or two but keep talking)
 very slowly using gym machines set on a very light weight
 slowly jumping rope
 slowly stepping up onto and down off a step or short series of steps
 doing any kind of walking
 etc. – use your imagination to fit your lifestyle
o While maintaining your balance in various ways (take breaks during any activity you do, but keep talking)
 standing on uneven pillows or bolsters
 walking in place on an uneven pile of pillows or bolsters
 standing on a roller with one or both feet
 standing with each foot on a different roller
 any of these standing ideas while your legs are not parallel,
 or while your legs are closer together or farther apart than usual
 etc. – use your imagination to fit your lifestyle
• Any combination of the above totaling 10 minutes
• Listening to yourself reading or singing as above while using the ForBrain® listening device.