A personal session will give you the benefit of an instructor’s attention to the many details that can benefit from your awareness.

A half hour session provides enough new information for you to be able to learn without the risk of getting more information than you can assimilate organically.

The affordable cost of your sessions is very important.

The somatic process of learning about oneself is like any new learning process. It takes time. But it doesn’t mean coming for sessions indefinitely. I suggest scheduling sessions once a week until you can tell you don’t need to come the next week. After that you’ll be able to schedule your sessions when you feel it’s the right time.

I developed Performance Feldenkrais in order to allow every individual to grow into the Feldenkrais Method® by finding the pace which makes the Method a viable tool for their individual growth.

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Once you are grounded in the Method’s offerings and you are well informed about how the Feldenkrais Method® works with your personal learning process, you will be in a position to use all the tools the Method offers with confidence. My personal process finds value in ATMs, Performance ATMs, and FIs at different points in my studies. It is my expectation that every student will become comfortable enough with their own growth to be able to incorporate the full Feldenkrais® experience into their learning process.