Athletes, therapeutic healthcare practitioners, and performers need personal attention. You want to be able to work closely with a Feldenkrais practitioner who is going to be able to guide you through this new learning process without causing problems in your capacity to perform on a daily basis – everyone’s brain has its own way of processing the reorganization of its neurological circuitry.

Those of us who depend on consistent physical performance have to be careful about having a lot of change happen in a short time. We are dependent on having the neurological patterns we have developed over years carry us through the next tournament, race, week of an overbooked schedule of clients, or concert we have tomorrow and next week and every week.

Performance ATMs are individual sessions whose course grows carefully through the interaction of each student and teacher.

Sessions are affordable, so you can have one as often as you want. Without requiring time spent practicing or studying.

The somatic nature of Dr. Feldenkrais’ Method means that we learn about our selves without having to spend time using conscious thought. This is true during sessions as well as between sessions.

If you want to work on your own as well, there are many ways you can study at home. But it’s fine if you don’t want to do homework. You will still make good progress.