I teach people to learn how to find out more about themselves:

the way they move, the way they react, the way they express themselves. The Feldenkrais Method® doesn’t teach students about themselves. It teaches each student how to learn about yourself. It first teaches you how to find out how your body is. As you learn to feel your self more and more, you will gradually find out that just as you are right now and without changing anything you have more options for doing things than you realize.

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Dr. Feldenkrais found that one of the easiest modes for us to learn this astonishing fact is via the ways we move. So, the Feldenkrais Method® next shows you how to learn about how you move. Again, as you learn to find out more and more about how you move, you will gradually find out that you have more options in making your movements than you think. It is very likely that some of these options will give you movements that you like better than the way you’ve been moving. And your usual way of moving will change accordingly. Without you or me having to explain to yourself how to change.

This is because our brain places a priority on efficiency. When neurological pathways, and patterns, and dynamics find that the result they are working for can be done in a preferable way, whether that way is easier, faster, more comfortable, or something else more efficient, the pathways, patterns, and dynamics will reorganize themselves so the desired result will be achieved in that easier, faster, or more comfortable way. It’s automatic. All we have to do is learn how to show our brain that there are other options out there.

Not only that! Your brain will remember all these new options without you having to remind it or repeat the process
or write your self a post it note.

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