What we do, what we think, and what we are is totally dependent on the information about ourselves and our environment which our brains are able to manipulate. A brain uses neural pathways to organize its information. When we are very young, our neural pathways have virtually infinite possibilities for interaction and communication. As we grow older, we tend to allow more and more of our activities to be controlled by a limited number of neural pathways which we find most comfortable. As a result, our neural pathways don’t have as many easily accessible possibilities for interaction as they did when we were young. Eventually, these limitations restrict our perceptions and actions. As we get older we often have a lot of information to use in the world, but our ability to discover possibilities for the use of that information declines.

neurons 3

So, in a nutshell, the fact that our brains have the capacity for reorganization of its neurological pathways means we have the capacity to become aware of more of the sensory input which our brains receive. Gradually this new capacity for awareness becomes part of our everyday lives. Our movements, our behavioral processes, our ability to conceive and create, even our ability to interact and communicate becomes more efficient, comfortable, and natural.

What to do?

Dr. Feldenkrais discovered that through physical manipulation he could alert the organizational tendency of our brains to the challenging relationships in our bodies; relationships which could be better organized neurologically. He then discovered that our brains take over the healing process at that point, and work spontaneously to find a more optimal, more efficient, and more natural organization.

The most immediate result is generally easier movement of one kind or another. Reduced pain. There is often an improved sense of well-being, too. Over time we find more and more differences in our lives.

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Eventually our brain’s plasticity extrapolates the neurological information about the changes that are happening in one area and finds that the same principles can be applied throughout its circuitry. Our brains become re-accustomed not only to the wider possibilities of discovery that emerge, but more importantly, they become accustomed to the expectation that even greater possibilities will continue to come.

What does this mean?

It means that without having to think about it you will find ways to live your life which make you feel more like yourself as a complete human being.