We can be sure that this relation between consciousness and spatial orientation has important consequences. A methodical and careful application of the concept of reversibility to one’s self-image has, over time, the following results:

1. It makes us conscious of the shapes and interrelationships of the skeleton.
2. It both reduces and equalizes the prevailing muscular tonus.
3. It reduces the amount of effort expended in all we do.
4. It simplifies the way in which we mobilize ourselves for any particular action.
5. It enhances our sensitivity, allowing us to take notice of even small aberrations from the norm.
6. It improves our ability to orient ourselves spatially.
7. It adds versatility to the way our intelligence functions.
8. It reduces fatigue, thus increasing our capacity for work and endurance.
9. It improves posture and breathing thereby rejuvenating the body.
10. It improves one’s health and capacity for action.
11. It improves coordination in all that we do.
12. It makes all learning easier, mental, or physical.
13. It leads to a deeper self-awareness.

Embodied Wisdom